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Air Freight

Time is the essence of all our shipments. Our team thrive in the pressure that comes for making sure everything runs in a smooth well-constructed manner. We process all administration work, handle all documentation and oversee every detail at each stage.

Here at Mark Value Logistics we completely understand the need for reliability, speed and efficiency when it comes to an air freight consignment. We also recognize the need for flexibility and the importance of safety when delivering airborne cargo; from single packages to complex consignments.

We are able to offer a flexible approach and with it a number of different import and export air freight shipping services.

This is all reinforced by a dedicated team with vast amounts of experience in air freight delivery and Customs regulations. With access to a global air transportation network, Mark Value Logistics are more than happy to help you with overseas shipping needs.

Unlike other air freight forwarders, when sending a shipment with Mark Value Logistics, we prepare an Air Waybill and Customs Documents for you and save you the hassle and fuss of complicated paperwork. The air waybill is your shipment’s ticket and passport to ensure on-time delivery, all we need you to do is provide us invoices/packing lists.

Mark Value Logistics provides worldwide airfreight forwarding and logistic services throughout the world, offering you cost effective services from consolidated airfreight, to prioritized/direct for time sensitive movements, chartered services for the unusual shapes and sizes that arise. Covering import, export and cross trade traffic with an abundance of overseas contacts and knowledge.

Door 2 Door Air Freight

We offer to take your shipment from the door at the originating address, transport it to the destination country, clear it through customs and then deliver it direct to the door at the destination delivery address.

Sea Freight

With a complete range of sea freight services, including full container (FCL) and part container (LCL) consignments, Mark Value Logistics are able to take complete care of all your shipping needs. Our highly competitive prices and expert handling make us a great choice for your sea freight requirements.

At Mark Value Logistics we work with the world’s most renown international carriers and are able to depend on accurate sailing schedules from most major ports across the globe. We are able to offer competitive prices and will ensure your shipment arrives on time and in perfect condition.

Contact us for more information on our air and sea freight services.

Custom Clearance.

Mark Value Logistics provides you with all kinds of shipping services, “Export, Import”, where we clear the incoming and outgoing shipments from all customs outlets, smoothly, through an elite team of experienced customs clearance agents.


Mark Value Logistics provides land and air transport services for incoming shipments anywhere in Saudi Arabia. This is done by a team of land transport workers within the Kingdom. It also guarantees you the complete confidentiality and safety of the shipment. Fit all kinds of shipping.


Mark Value Logistics also has its own warehouses, which are suitable for all types of cargo. It enables you to save your shipments in case you do not need them at the time of their extraction from the customs port, and you can retrieve them at any time after that with ease.